This is not much of a post

It’s just about a phrase I use personally.

I created when I was cycling home from work years ago. To be exact, after checking my notes, it was the 6th March 2013 (where the hell did that time go?).

It’s stuck with me and I often come back to it:

Natural progression of your own intent

This was the original version. But ‘intentions’, sounds a bit better.

A humble phrase

It’s just a few words that summarise a simple, unoriginal concept.

But it’s a useful shorthand that’s encouraged me to think about where I’m at and if I’m on track (mostly I am not).

And what it means is that wherever you place your focus, time, and efforts, as a consequence (‘naturally’), you will move towards that area of emphasis.

This sounds obvious, and it is.


I mainly use it retrospectively.

As in, ‘my circumstances, as they are right now, have a lot to do with my own intent’. It makes you accountable

It reminds me that whatever I’m currently working on, or working towards is what I have decided.

It’s a reminder that it is my choice.

Not always conscious

The ‘natural’ bit of the phrase means that often all of this is not always necessarily conscious intent.

You don’t necessarily ‘plan’ it out.

But, all of your decisions are steering you on a particular path.

It also works in a negative way.

So, if you do things that you know are not beneficial or are ultimately hindering your progression, you will end up not being where you want to be.


Where is your intent leading you?



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